Playing games may be harmful over long periods of time.

Earn rewards for your Casino play!

You can earn reward points each time you play real money Casino games. Fill your progress bar and unlock Chests.

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How you earn reward points

The amount of reward points you earn playing Casino games varies depending on the game you are playing. The tables below explain the wagering requirements for each game. Please note that wagering refers to the total amount of money placed.

How you clear Casino rebates

Looking to earn redemption points to clear a Casino rebate? The tables below also explain the wagering requirement to earn 1 redemption point.

Table Games

GameWager amount required to earn 1 reward pointWager amount required to earn 1 redemption point
Premium Blackjack $16.17 $97
Roulette* $2.00 $12
Heads-up Hold'em™ $8.83 $50

*Please note that covering the Roulette table by 65% or more will result in that bet earning 0 reward points or redemption points.