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First Deposit Bonus Promotion Terms


This promotional offer (“Offer”) requires you to make a minimum deposit of USD $20 (“Eligible Deposit”) for a chance to receive a bonus worth $40 (“Reward”).


To qualify for the Reward, players must: (a) make an Eligible Deposit using the applicable code ‘FORTY’; (b) verify their account within 30 days of making an Eligible Deposit; and (c) play at least one real money hand on at least three calendar days, releasing bonus instalments each time.


The Reward will be paid out in instalments, as described in the Offer’s landing page: as 2 x $15 and 1 x $10 instalments for fully verified accounts, or as 2 x $5 instalments for non-fully verified accounts, followed by 3 x $10 instalments following verification. Players must play at least one real money hand on a calendar day to release each instalment.


For the purposes of this Offer, Eligible Deposits shall exclude:

  1. any real money transfers between players
  2. any type of real money credit such as but not limited to marketing credits, poker school credits  from any of our sites (or any third party site if applicable) or freeroll winnings.

If you do not use the code when making an Eligible Deposit and provided that you fulfil  all applicable terms of this Offer, then:

  1. You must contact Support within 7 (seven) days from the date of your first Eligible Deposit so that your Stars Account can be credited with the relevant Reward; or 
  2. If more than 7 (seven) days but less than 3 (three) months have passed from the date of your first Eligible Deposit you may still be credited with the relevant Reward as long as you contact Support before the expiry of the 3 (three) months.

No Reward shall be credited to your player account for a period exceeding 3 (three) months from your Eligible Deposit.

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