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General FAQs

Casino Games


When a player's first two cards are of identical value (e.g. A-A or jack-ten) it is possible to place an additional bet equal to the original wager, creating two separate hands. The term for this is a 'Split'.

The number of splits a player can make depends on the blackjack variant they are playing. When you are dealt two aces, you may only receive one additional card per ace after splitting.

Please see our Blackjack Rules page for further information.

After the player has been dealt two cards, a bet equal to the original wager can be placed, with the player then receiving exactly one card to improve their hand. This is known as 'Doubling Down'.

Please see our Blackjack Rules page for further information.

If the dealer shows an ace as their first card, an optional wager is offered to the players, known as 'Insurance'. An insurance bet is up to 50% of the player's original wager.

If the dealer's second card completes a Blackjack for the dealer (eg: a 10-value card), the insurance bet wins.

Insurance bets are paid at odds of 2:1.

Please see our Blackjack Rules page for further information.

A hand containing an ace valued at eleven is a soft hand. For example, a hand made up of a six and an ace could be a soft 17.

A hand that does not contain an ace valued at eleven is a hard hand. In this instance, a hard 17 could be made up of a ten and a seven.

Please see our Blackjack Rules page for further information.


A European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers: 1 to 36 and zero (0).

Please see our Roulette Rules page for more information on Roulette.

Wagers placed on individual numbers and/or small combinations of numbers are known as Inside Bets, and are generally higher-paying bets. Outside Bets consist of groups of 12-18 numbers per wager.

Please see our Roulette Rules page for more information on Roulette, including information on payouts.

Casino Gameplay

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a system that can generate a sequence of numbers, or bits, that is completely devoid of any patterns or biases. This ensures that items or numbers in the sequence can never be predicted, making the sequence indistinguishable from a truly random sequence.

Yes, you can toggle the display of Casino games in the desktop client using the option ‘Settings’ > ‘Lobby’ > ‘Lobby Display’ > ‘Show Casino Games’. Mobile users can toggle the display of Casino games by accessing ‘Settings & Tools’ via the ‘More’ menu, then scrolling to ‘General Settings’ > ‘Show Casino games’.

There is a maximum of four Casino games tables (Blackjack and Roulette) for all players. These limits are independent of poker table limits, so players may have four Casino games tables open while also having the maximum-allowable number of poker tables open.

Casino games tables do count towards the overall maximum number of windows allowed in the game client.

Multi-Player tables are open tables where you may sit and chat with other players, playing against a dealer (just like in a Live Casino).

Yes. Just follow these instructions in the desktop client:

  • Log-in to the game software
  • In the main lobby, click on the Settings menu
  • Click Global > Sounds
  • Uncheck 'Enable dealer voice for casino games'

Casino games tables are currently restricted to using the default table background. Players’ custom table backgrounds are not currently available at any Casino games tables.

If you try to 'Double' or 'Split' without the required funds during a hand, an 'Insufficient Funds' message will appear, alongside the option to deposit.

Up to 15 minutes. After 15 consecutive minutes of sitting out, players are removed from their seats.

Casino Disconnection Policy & Refunds

If a player loses connection, or leaves a game while they have an action pending, the game is considered to be incomplete. All Multi-Player games are automatically finalised.

You are always paid for wins collected before a disconnection; many games support the ability to complete the game for you once disconnected. This varies by game provider. These games will play on your behalf -to complete any pending actions, rather than forfeit the unfinished portion of the game.

Multi-Player Games
Whenever you time out or leave a Multi-Player game, the system will make the best move possible on your behalf, and will continue to do so until you return or the round is over. This works differently for each game variant, as follows.

Table Games
When possible, incomplete table games will be played out on your behalf, using the best possible strategy that does not require more funds. Leaving table after chips have been placed, but before the Deal or Spin has taken place, will result in bets being returned.

In Roulette, once bets are placed the game will auto-complete, as no further player action is required.

If you leave or are disconnected once your actions are complete, but before the deal or spin has finished, the game will complete on its own. You will be able to see the results in the hand history.

Reward Points

Yes, reward points can be accumulated in all Casino games. See here for more.


Yes. You can use the funds available in your Stars Account for both poker and Casino games.


No. Your current Stars Account can be used for both Casino games and poker.

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